Tile-Top Select Mat

Tile-Top Select MatTileTop Select is the mid-range offering within this popular family of marbleized anti-fatigue mats…the “Better” version of our Good-Better-Best. The marble top surface is a chemical-resistant and durable PVC that is lightly textured [almost smooth], and supple to the touch. It is also easy to clean, which is one of the main reasons this mat is so popular. To combat fatigue, TileTop Select features our “Flex-Link” sponge, a closed cell PVC foam offering solid, stable performance characteristics. The big takeaway? Our “Better” beats everyone else’s “Best” hands down—better value, better workmanship, and lower cost of ownership!
  • “Better” sponge base
  • Available in 1/2” and 7/8” thick
Cleaning Instructions
Style #DescriptionColorsSizePack 
494.12x2CUTTile-Top Select2' Cut up to 60' 1/2" thicknesssq ft
494.12x2x3Tile-Top Select2' x 3' 1/2" thicknesseach
494.12x2x60Tile-Top SelectGray2' x 60' 1/2" thicknessroll
494.12x3CUTTile-Top Select3' Cut up to 60' 1/2" thicknesssq ft
494.12x3x5Tile-Top Select3' x 5' 1/2" thicknesseach
494.12x3x60Tile-Top SelectWhite3' x 60' 1/2" thicknessroll
494.12x4CUTTile-Top Select4' Cut up to 60' 1/2" thicknesssq ft
494.12x4x60Tile-Top SelectGray4' x 60' 1/2" thicknessroll
494.78x2CUTTile-Top Select UltraSoft2' Cut up to 60' 7/8" thicknesssq ft
494.78x2x3Tile-Top Select UltraSoft2' x 3' 7/8" thicknesseach
494.78x3CUTTile-Top Select UltraSoft3' Cut up to 60' 7/8" thicknesssq ft
494.78x3x5Tile-Top Select UltraSoft3' x 5' 7/8" thicknesseach
494.78x4CUTTile-Top Select UltraSoft4' Cut up to 60' 7/8" thicknesssq ft
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