Polynit Wipers

Polynit Wipers
  • Ideal for cleaning sensitive equipment and general cleaning
  • 100% textured, no-run interlock knit polyester construction
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant with good sorbent characteristics
  • Lightweight
Style #DescriptionSizePack 
PN-44Flat Pack4" x 4"300/bag, 16 bags/case
PN-44BBulk Pack4" x 4"600/bag, 8 bags/case
PN-99Flat Pack9" x 9"150/bag, 8 bags/case
PN-99BBulk Pack9" x 9"300/bag, 4 bags/case
PN-99B/150Bulk Pack9" x 9"150/bag, 8 bags/case
PN-1212Flat Pack12" x 12"75/bag, 10 bags/case
PN-1212BBulk Pack12" x 12"150/bag, 4 bags/case
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