MicroNova Hand Cleaners & Lotions

MicroNova Hand Cleaners & LotionsMicroNova offers a full line of hand cleaners and sanitizers. They range from general purpose for commercial and industrial settings to the critical for cleanrooms and healthcare. The Touch-Free dispenser consistently delivers a pre-measured dose of solution into the palm. Contact us for information on the following:
Style #DescriptionSizePack 
IC-220AquaHol500 ml6/case
IC-210NovaClenz400 ml6/case
IC-210SNovaClenz To-Go2 oz.24/case
IC-420Hy-G-Clenz500 ml6/case
IC-110NovaDyne500 ml6/case
IC-320BioClenz16 oz.6/case
IC-510NovaDerm500 ml6/case
IC-120 LoNa Soap500 ml6/case
ICDISP-3M-Zone MicroDispensereach
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