I.C. Antibacterial Barrier Hand Lotion

I.C. Antibacterial Barrier Hand LotionI.C. Antibacterial Barrier Hand Lotion gives a protective barrier using Dimethicone to shield the skin from Biological & Chemical Environments including Bodily Fluids.

This “Alcohol Free” Sanitizing Lotion kills 99.99% of germs for up to four hours, offering an alternative to Alcohol based sanitizers. Soothes chapping, skin flaking & skin sensitivity cause by gloving.
Style #DescriptionPack 
ICBL-50ML50 ml16/case
ICBL-33 oz30/case
ICBL-88 oz24/case
ICBL-1616 oz12/case
ICBL-3232 oz12/case
ICBL-GALGallon 4/case
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