ESD Hot Gloves GL Series

ESD Hot Gloves GL SeriesYou can have great static control and heat protection in one cleanroom compatible glove. Designed for printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits, semiconductors and other processes, the GL9100 series ESD safe hot glove provides static protection without compromising cleanliness. Gloves resist heat up to 302°F or 150°C.

These gloves use a polyester knit fabric suffused with carbon fiber. Heat protection is enhanced with a 100% inner tricot knit polyester fabric liner and a full 14 inch length. A cuff mounted grounding snap is also included.

Application and Usage
Semiconductor, SMT Assembly, Disk Drive. Applications that require thermal glove protection, static and contamination control.

Product Specifications
Standards: Meets: ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006
Face Fabric: Polyester knit fabric suffused with carbon fiber
Inner Fabric: 100% inner tricot knit polyester fabric
Electrical: RTT < 1 x 1010 Ohms/Sq

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