Cleanroom Sponges

Cleanroom SpongesMicronova's range of sponges and wipes has been developed as a re-usable commodity within the cleanroom and controlled environment. The sponges and wipes come in a variety of sizes and materials to cover a wide range of applications.

Broken case prices offered for most products.

Style #DescriptionSizePack 
SP6-363NovaPoly Sponge3" x 6" x 3"24/case
SP6-46NovaPoly Sponge4" x 6" 24/case
WP6-99HNovaPoly Wiper9" x 9"100/case
WP6-1818H NovaPoly Wiper18" x 18"100/case
SP68-363PolyMesh Sponge 3" x 6" x 3"24/case
SP68-46PolyMesh Sponge 4" x 6" 24/case
WP68-99HPolyMesh Wiper9" x 9"100/case
SP1-363PVA Sponge3" x 6" x 3" 24/case
SP1-46PVA Sponge 4" x 6" 24/case
WP1-99PVA Wiper 9" x 9"100/case
WP1-1212PVA Wiper 12" x 12"100/case
SP2-363NovaLite Sponge3" x 6" x 3"24/case
SP2-46NovaLite Sponge4" x 6" 24/case
WP2-1012NovaLite Wiper 10" x 12"100/cae
WP2-1418NovaLite Wiper 14" x 18"50/case
SP4-533NovaCel Sponge5" x 3.3" x 1/3"24/case
WP4-99NovaCel Wipe9" x 9"100/case
WP4-99IRNovaCel Wipe - Irradiated9" x 9"100/case
SP20-363MegaTex Sponge 3" x 6" x 3" 24/case
SP20-46MegaTex Sponge 4" x 6"24/case
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